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My great escape... from hospital

Regulars | By Raymond Briggs | January 2018

Raymond Briggs on doing a runner from hospital

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital to see the doc. Parking there is a nightmare. There are lots of small car parks linked together into a sort of maze. It is easy to get lost. I went round and round – not one space empty. Finally, I left the maze and followed the exit road which also has parking on one side. I was just coming to the last bit of parking; from then on, it is exit road only. (God, this is boring. Writing it is boring enough; it must be a labour for fans to read.)  But then, there on the left, three cars in from the end was a SPACE! Dived into it head first. Never mind about reversing in; somebody might catch me in the act, think I was leaving, and they would then dive in. This is all-out war, no holds barred. Got...

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