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Tales of the press gang

Books | January 2018

Shouting in the Street: Adventures and Misadventures of a Fleet Street Survivor By Donald Trelford

Donald Trelford succeeded David Astor as editor of the Observer but certainly not as proprietor. The problems Trelford and the paper had with subsequent proprietors form the principal theme of this riveting book. It offers wonderful tales, including the lowdown on Trelford’s strange relationship with Pamella Bordes – which we are told was all to do with gaining information on the editorial plans of his great rival Andrew Neil.  The story of the Observer’s deputy editor Tony Howard’s failed attempt to unseat Trelford is also hilarious. Howard was unaware that his plotting on the telephone was overheard by Trelford’s loyal secretary. And he underestimated the strength of the relationship between ‘the two Tinies’ – a term coined by Trelford’s then wife to refer to the very tall Rowland and the not so tall Donald. The book also recounts how Trelford managed to keep himself and the paper going from 197...

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