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Travel: Ripples in time

Regulars | By James Pembroke | December 2017

The Eastern Seaboard of the United States is awash with history. James Pembroke encounters ghosts of the American Revolution and the Civil War, as he drifts down from New England to the old South

I am a born-again Cruiser. After thirty years in the wilderness of Independent Travel, and the ensuing stress of constant decisions, I have reached the Promised Water. Like other cults, we believers give everything up before boarding, and submit wholly to the Itinerary. We have no money because everything is included – every last glass of Champagne; it is Nirvana. I have just spent two weeks cruising the Eastern Seaboard of America with 124 devotees. Our only stressful day was when we left the group in New York to do our own thing – a terrible mistake. We were back in holiday hell: queuing at museums, choosing restaurants and getting lost. It was more stressful than the most demanding day at work. Essentially, we had to make our way though a foreign country of which we knew precious little.  Our host was Noble Caledonia. They gave us another cruise five years...

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